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The Shining Crystals

The rise of the Shining Crystals was as rapid as it was unexpected. I remember a time before the world knew about Dimension Magic. It is fascinating to see how one discovery can lead to such a change in the larger world.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The Shining Crystals are an organisation of casters that originated in the Pavan country of Evilyea. For a long time they were not that different from other similar organisations around the world but that changed when they discovered a large source of Void Falls.   As they made this discovery at a time that almost no Void Falls locations were known, they were quickly able to achieve a monopoly on them. Ever since then they have been the largest supplier of Dimension Magic services and almost all teleportation in Pavanor and Farlis is controlled by them.  
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  After gaining their freedom from the Avaronian Empire, the people of Evilyea were free to pratice magic on their own terms. Although it would take many generations, the amount of casters eventually grew large enough that some deemed it beneficial to band together.   Knowledge was shared and potential casters were instructed in the arcane arts. This cooperation formed the basis for the organisation that would become the Shining Crystals. For several centuries the Shining Crystals did not differ from other magical organisations dedicated to the study of the arcane. However, this all changed in 957 AE.  


  During one of their expeditions in search of more Falls the Shining Crystals found a large source of Void Falls. These types of Falls were already discovered a few decades before and had proven to be invaluable as they were the only way to use Dimension Magic.   They quickly decided to start excavating this large source but decided to keep its location a closely kept secret. To this day this location is still unknown for anyone that is not a senior member of the Shining Crystals although many speculate that it must be somewhere within Evilyea itself.   Once they monopolised this form of magic they quickly grew in power and started creating branches accross the world. Although other sources of Void Falls have been discovered now, the Shining Crystals still remain the largest and richest of all arcane organisations.
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by kefkejaco with midjourney

Arcane Teaching

  Given their high standing and large presence around the world, the Shining Crystals have become the most coveted employer for casters. Many prospect casters therefore study at the various branches, such as the Cryserium in Golandon, in order to develop their arcane skills. Few who finishes their studies there leave afterwards as it is better to find a better paying position.   Most of the students are Human as other species such as the Avar already had much older institutions for arcane studies. MostHumans, however, don't have the ability to use magic from birth. This sadly limits entry to the Shining Crystals mostly to the rich who can afford to buy the necessary Falls to become a caster.  


  The largest source of income for the Shining Crystals still remains the use of Dimension Magic. The most coveted ability that this type of magic grants is undoubtly teleporation. However, teleportation is also quite dangerous magic even for those that are well trained. The Shining Crystals therefore have constructed teleporation circles in all their branches.   This method limits teleporation to certain locations but it is much safer. A person who pays a significant fee can use the teleporation circles to travel between the buildings of the Shining Crystals arouond the world.  

Other services

  Besides teleporation the Shining Crystals offer a large array of services. Casters that know Dimension Magic are very coveted as they are considered to be among the most powerful magic users. It is therefore not uncommon for the Shining Crystals to ask governments hefty prices to use some of their casters in a war.   Other casters in the organisation provide other services much more in line with the original organisation. This includes things such as potion brewing, magic item creation and other magical services.  

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