Volker Desert

We all know the myth about the Volker desert. The Selefer used some form of magic as a last attempt to win the war causing the Visar Volcanoes to appear and the desert to be formed. Although I do agree that the Volker desert seems unnatural, I do not give credibility to the myth until we find concrete evidence.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The Volker desert is an odd location, not because of its geography but because of its origin. For some reason rain tends fall before reaching the area most of the time. The mountains to its east are somewhat to blame but normally winds from the west and south should be able to bring in rain.   This phenomenon has given rise to the myth that, before the defeat of the Selefer at the nearby Visar Volcanoes, it was a more lush region similar to the Baidan Jungle. As most records of that era are lost it is, however, impossible to verify. Nonetheless it is commonly accepted that the nearby Visar Volcanoes at least have a connection to the Fire Realms.  

Extra Information

The Volker desert lies in central Farlis
The region is mainly a hot and dry desert but the edges are known to be more semi-arid.
Controlled by
Both Kevarim and Aldhir can be found in the Volker desert
Gemstones, metals, Falls, spices
Important Landmarks
Visar Volcanoes, Oases, Eridani River


  The volker desert is mainly hot and dry and has a large area covered in sand dunes. Along its edges there are more semi-arid conditions where at least some more vegetation can exist. The main sources of water for the region are the various aquifers and oases and some rivers, of which the Eridani river is the largest by far.  




  One of the countries found in the Volker desert is Kevarim, a human safetdom. Most of its population is centered around the Eridani river, which creates a large fertile region. Due to its climate is has become the primary region in Farlis for plantations of coffee, spices, dates, almonds and many others.  
Organization | Dec 30, 2020


  Another country in the Volker desert is Aldhir, which is mainly a Dragonborn country. It was already around during Avaronian times making it one of the oldest countries. Many ancient ruins can be found in the desert that the country controls and are believed to date back to the first civilizations living there.  
Organization | Jul 7, 2022

Eridani River

  The Eridani River is perhaps the most important one in the Volker desert region as it is vital to the survival of many people. Its banks are fertile which in turn allows the large cities in the region to exists. The largest city in the region, Safir, can be found in the delta of the Eridani river.   The river is easy to traverse in both directions with small boats, making the settlements near it closely connected. Goods produced near the river typically leave the region either through the southern harbor city Konda or through Elapur which is the starting point for many caravans.  

Adroon Oasis

  Another large body of water in the Volker desert is the Adroon Oasis. The city that is located near it shares the same name and is mostly known for the Adroon Library and the headquarters of The Keepers within. A significant part of the city is carved in the southern cliffside of the oasis and is the main home for many Dragons in Aldhir.  

Visar Volcanoes

  A dangerous region which is believed to have a close connection to the Fire Realms. According to myth these volcanoes only came into existence after the final battle between the Selefer and the Avaronians. It is said that they were created by using Chaos Magic what did not go as intended as the result was the annihilation of both armies.   The only records of the event are off Avaronian origin and of a religious kind as it is believed to have been the final battle of their hero Mackevor. Scholars therefore don't take any stories told in those records at face value.  

Kaskik Isles

  Around the Visar volcanoes several isles can be found. Some of those are not inhabited due to frequent eruptions but others where the rain manages to fall are quite fertile. The main exports from those region are, however, related to the volcanic activity nearby. There are large deposits of basalt which has become one of the main decoration materials in Kevarim. On the islands the volcanic ash is also mixed to create a strong form of concrete which is used in many Farlian countries.  


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I like the different uses of the ethnicities: one take materials for decoration, others take the ash for making concrete: So both could live in peace, sharing the exports. The (potential) magical origin of the region is also interesting, as according to the quote, not everyone believes that.

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