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Temple of the Healing Moon

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There are still many mysteries in the Mizarin Jungle. Among them is the Temple of the Healing Moon. Even though places of healing are not uncommon in the world, this temple is peculiar. While the rest of the world uses magic or medical knowledge for healing, the Mizarin Priests seem to not have any knowledge about either. So far I have not been able to determine what makes this temple so special.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Few have been to the Nekorian capital and even fewer have set foot in the Temple of the Healing Moon. Those that have visited it describe it as a peculiar experience. Although the medical and magical knowledge of the Nekorians is rather limited they seem to have a very healthy population. They attribute this to the Temple of the Healing Moon.   The temple itself is part of a temple complex dedicated to the main godess of the Nekorians, the Mother Tree. This large specimen of the Mizarin Nightlight is said to be located on the largest moon, Naelik. Because of this myth the symbol of the godess is a tree growing on a moon, which gives the temple its name.  

Extra Information

The Temple of the Healing Moon is located in the Nekorian capital of Tsugeti, Mizarin Jungle.
Construction Date
Currently the building is in the hands of the Mizarin Priests and all healing rituals are performed by them.
This temple is dedicated to the Mothertree who resides on the moon Naelik.
  Only a part of the temple complex is used for healing rituals. Most areas are used for various types of non-healing ceremonies and some areas are even only accessible to the Mizarin Priests. Because of this only the Mizarin Priests know how large the temple complex actually is.  

A place of healing



  Like all buildings in the Nekorian capital, Tsugeti, the architecture is quite different in comparison to other cultures. The Mizarin Priesthood is able to change the layout of Mizarin Nightlight at will and into a multitude of forms, creating buildings in the process. The Mizarin Nightlight that forms the base for the main temple is an exceptionally large specimen and consists out of numerous chambers.   The temple of the Healing Moon itself is located deeper underground among the roots of the tree. People who have ventured there describe the interior towards the temple as a series of meandering corridors made out of roots. However, the temple itself is perfectly square. Some have claimed that between the roots they have seen pieces of walls made out of metal. But those claims have not been verified.  
Yamaderis misplaced this image by Kefkjaco with heroforge
Yamaderis misplaced this image by Kefkjaco with heroforge

Healing Ritual

In order to heal a sick or injured humanoid the Mizarin Priesthood brings them to the temple's central chamber. At the far end of this room a door, made out of an unknown substance, can be found.   After performing the first incantations the door opens, revealing a rather small chamber behind it. Then the priests place the patient inside the chamber and close the door once more. They continue their ritual as strange green lights can be observed coming from behind the door. Once the ritual is done the door opens again an the patient is healed (the vast majority of the time).  

Inside the chamber

There are accounts of patients that went through the entire ritual. All of them describe it as a rather strange experience. They heard a constant mosquite like sound and many describe the healing process as feeling like thousands of small bugs walking over one's body.

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