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Crystal Valley

Little is known about how the Crystal Valley took on its current form. Ancient records state that even my race could have had a home there in ancient times. Now it is a place of wonder and marvelous beauty. Alas even if it was once our home it is no longer a safe haven for Dragons. The Raitin made sure of that.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Between the Mizarin Jungle Mountains and the Eastern Vari Mountains there is a region which has been shrouded in mystery for millennia. It is still unknown how it was formed but those that have seen in often describe it as the most magical place they have ever seen.    
The Crystal Valley

Extra Information

The Crystal Valley can be found in Oneraga to the east of the Mizarin Jungle.
The climate of the Crystal Valley is temperate and there is an abundance of fertile grounds and rivers
Controlled by
The Raitin are the current inhabitants of region
Several types of Falls (Elemental Crystals) can be found in this region
Important Landmarks
Volcanoes, Hot Springs

A Wonderous Realm

  The Crystal Valley is a truly strange place. It is home to many wonders like giant crystals, floating islands and a crater filled with clouds. Many myths still go around about this area and the current Raitin policy of allowing few vistors only creates more curiosity.^  


Cloud Crater

  In the center of the Crystal Valley a large crater can be found which is called the Cloud Crater. This landmark is especially shrouded in mystery since the clouds in it never go away. To this day there are no records of anyone knowing what can be found at the bottom.   Some believe that this place was a battlefield during the God War. Others thinks that a large object made out of crystals fell from the sky with it's remains scattered across the valley. According to the Dragons it is the final resting place of the Primordial Crystal Dragon. So far no evidence has been found for any of these theories and if the Ratin, who currently inhabit the region, know more they are not telling anyone.   It is noteworthy that the largest amount of Falls in the world can be found along the edges of the crater. This is something that the Raitin made very good use of. They currently control a vast amount of Fall mines around the Cloud Crater.  
The Crystal Valley
The Crystal Valley

The Sovereigns

  The Crystal Valley is , as the name suggests, filled with various types of Crystals. However some of these are exceptionally large, often even higher than 200 meters. Over time the largest of each type of Crystal were given the name Sovereign.  
Cloud Sovereign
The largest of the Sovereign, with a height of 267 meters, is of the Cloudcrystal type like most of the Falls in the region. Due to the importance of the Cloudcrystals to Raitin society some Raitin even formed some religious practices around it.  
Tremor Sovereign
The largest of the Tremorcrystals in the region can be found near the southern edge of the Cloud Crater. It has a height of 242 meters making it the second largest Sovereign.  
Ember Sovereign
The Ember Sovereign is 229 meters high but has the largest width. The surrounding area around it is rather warm and home to several hotsprings.  
Leaf Sovereign
This Leafcrystal Sovereign is also found near the crater and is the smallest with its 211 meters. It actually has a close competitor in size further to the north.    

The Citadel

  Another defining landmark, even though it is artificial, is the Raitin capital which is called the Citadel. This flying city is kept in the air by the technological prowess of the Raitin. Many don't know where the power for such a device originates from but some suspect Dragons are used.   Another curious thing about the Citadel is the rather short timeframe in which it appeared. Until a century ago nobody had even heard of it or that it was being constructed. But seemingly out of nowhere it became the capital of the Raitin. This has led to some wild theories that the Raitin perhaps just found the city.  
Raitin Capital by Numenara

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


Author's Notes

This region is the core region of the Raitin controlled lands. For now there are mostly only descriptions for the most extraordinary places. Eventually I will add more info about the cities here, the climate, etc..

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