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I would rather not return to that place. Too many bad memories of a hard life. But at some point I will get my family out of there once I have enough money.
— Saiki 'Boltwing'
  Akeria is a city in the Crystal Valley valley which can be found close to the Ember Sovereign. It is believed that this crystal gives rise the warmer ground and water near the city. At first the city became known for its hotsprings. Over time, however, many other relaxation establishments rose up. Eventually it became the pleasure town it is today.  
The Crystal Valley

Extra Information

Founding Date
752 AE
Akeria is located in the Crystal Valley , near the Ember Sovereign
The city is controlled by the Raitin.
67 000
Known for
Hotsprings, massage parlours, red light district




  People often visited the Ember Sovereign long before any settlement was nearby. Many Gnomes living in the Crystal Valley made a journey of visiting all of the Sovereigns at least once in their lifetime. Those that did not want to visit them all chose mostly the Ember Sovereign as their only stop. This was largely due to the many hotsprings that could be found around it.   Over time some inns and other buildings were built around the Ember Sovereign to accomodate all the visitors. The number of people living nearby only increased and it became a fully fledged settlement.
Hotspring by Nico Bistolfi, Unsplash
Red Light district by FF7 Remake


  At first the settlement was mainly attracting tourists that wanted to visit the Ember Sovereign. As time went by, however, many more people wanted to visit for the relaxing hotsprings. It became one of the prime vacation locations for the Raitin in the Crystal Valley.   Many new types of establishments rose up which helped people relax even further. It became a place to buy scented soaps, candles and much more. It did not take long before massages became an important part of Akeria's economy.   Eventually some of these massage parlours specialised in a bit more advanced forms of massages. And so the city of Akeria became known for its red light district. Today it is the main location for Raitin who want to look for some casual sex.

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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