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Saralith Island

I don't care what something is worth to you. I only speak one language money. I know the worth of my goods. You either pay up or get out.
— Silavi family member
  Sarlith is the most southern island of the Elervir Isles and is therefore quite important for the production of goods that are not found elsewhere. If you want to spice up your food than Saralith Island is the place to be.  
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Extra Information

South-western Elervir Isles.
Arid climate with small portion of the island being a desert area
Controlled by
Silavi family trading family, their elder is a member of the Elervir Council.
Various herbs and spices ( cinnamon, saffron, pepper, paprika, cayenne), Dates, Pomegranates, Risna (alcohol)
Important Landmarks
Neli Lake, Sithos Desert


  The island has a rather arid climate with the southern part of the island even having a desert area. It is nonetheless still possible to grow crops here due to the water supply from Neli Lake. It is the warmest part of the Pavan Empire and therefore an important location for the production of more exotic goods.  



Neli Lake

  On top of the central mountain of the island there is quite a large lake named Neli Lake. Due to its size it has become one of the main watersources on the island. The water that comes down from it is used to irrigate the many plantations that fuel the economy of the island. Many assume there is a spring somewhere in the lake as it does not seem to dry out due to the rather warm climate of the island.   As the lake is high up in the central mountain of the island there are many that assume that it was formed in the caldera of a dormant volcano. This could explain the more fertile ground on the northern part of the island. However, thus far there has not been any evidence for such a claim.  
by kefkejaco with midjourney
by kefkejaco with midjourney

Sithos Desert

  On the southern part of the island the climate is warmer which resulted in the creation of a small desert. No river flows through this area but there are still some hardy plants to be found here. Some of these plants are still cultivated there and its fruits can be used to create a type of alcoholic drink that is known as Risna.   Part of the desert is uninhabited which makes it quite an interesting destination for those wanting to explore an untouched landscape.

Resources and economy



  Saralith Island is known for its exotic goods, especially for the herbs and spices that are grown there. Originally peppers were the only spice that was grown there. However, due to its proximity to trade routes going from Mizarin to Pavanor many new plants were introduced to the island. Currently the islands grows cinnamon, saffron, paprika and cayenne but also some fruits like dates and pomegranates.   Another crop that is often overlooked it the cultivation of the desert plant known as Fila Pear. The fruits of this hardy plant are used to create an alcoholic drink called Risna. It is rather strong and often combined with some water to make it palatable.  


  As the island is located along the southern edge of the Elervir Isles there are quite a good amount of trade ships from Mizarin that dock here. They bring all kinds of exotic goods such as cacao. Many of the goods found here can not be produced elsewhere in the Pavan Empire which makes Saralith an important port for further distribution.   Besides the Pavan Empire the island also sells a large amount of products to the eastern coast of Farlis.  

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