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Anderia Island

The Steel Fleet is an example of the technological and military prowess of the Pavan Empire. When I look upon it and see the determination in your faces I know that our future will be bright!
— Emperor Kalives the Second, speech to Anderian Sailors
  Anderia is the largest of the Elervir Isles and is seen as the most important one. It has the largest population centres within the island group and has a lot of ecnomic value. It has always been a main ship producer although it has now shifted from wooden ships to steel ships.
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Extra Information

Western Elervir Isles.
Temperate climate and warm temperate in the south. It has a small mountain range at the center of the island.
Controlled by
Elori Sanva, member of the Elervir Council.
Iron, Silver, Steel, Fireshroom, Ships, Fish, Furs, Wild game
Important Landmarks
The Steel Fleet, Silso Forest, Navala Mountains


  Anderia island is the largest of the Elervir Isles which did give it some advantages over the other islands. During its early history there were still many city states vying for power of the island but eventually Anderia became dominant. Once it was united the island could muster the largest amount of troops due to its population.   The climate of the island is quite varied due to its north south direction. The north is colder and heavily forested while the south is warmer. This allowed the inhabitants to grow a great variation of products.  



Silso Forest

  In the northern hills of the island one can find the Silso Forest. It is quite vast and not densely inhabited. Nonetheless it has been quite important for the development of the island as most wood for the constuction of ships was taken from this forest. During its history the Anderian fleet made the island a true force to be reckoned with.  

Navalla Mountains

  The Navalla Mountains in the center of the islands have been important to the devolpment of the island every since the discovery of iron there. When later on several large silver veins were discovered as well the wealth of Anderia grew exponentially. With the iron and silver from the mountains the city state managed to fund the construction of a large fleet which allowed it to dominate the Elervir Isles.   Today the iron of the Navalla Mountains gained a new importance is it is being used for the production of steel. With the new type of ships made out of steel this resource has become even more important.  

Steel Fleet

  Even before industrialisation came to the Pavan Empire the harbour of Anderia was a large hub for ship construction. Several drydocks were created ever since the islands were taken over. In the beginning these were used to fix or construct wooden ships. The many forest on the northern part of the island supplied ample resources for this purpose.   When more ships were being made with steel hulls the island still maintained its importance. Iron was mined in the nearby Navalla mountains and the Fireshrooms were easy to produce here as well. This made the island both a great producer and user of steel.   Due to the island's strategic location between two continents the harbour has expanded to house the Steel Fleet of the Pavan Empire. This fleet ensures protection for the western coastline and is protected by several forts which were constructed in recent years.  

Resources and economy



  The northern part of the island is heavily forested and therefore no large scale agriculture can be found here. There is, however, still a good amount of hunting being done in the area. The large forest provides a steady supply of wild game and furs for the people of the island. Meals with either boar or venisson or quite common on the island because of this.   In the central part of the island there are several grain farmlands which feed a large portion of the population. Further south there are, however, crops that need a warmer climate such as olives or certain fruits.


  The island gained a strong position within the Elervir Isles due to its resources in the Navalla mountains. The silver being mined here has of course brought much wealth to the inhabitants of Anderia but has not been beneficial to all. Many of the miners have perished over the long history of the island. Although conditions have improved there are still regular deaths.   The mining of iron is still going strong but has shifted in purpose. Before it was mainly used for weapons and armors but currently almost all iron is brought to the steel foundries in Anderia. There the iron is heated with the use of Fireshrooms to create a strong type of steel.  


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