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WorldEmber 2023


  For a long time I have only been doing challenges such as worldember for my world of Niorath. This year, however, I created a new world dedicated to an alternative history of the ancient world. So for this year I have decided to work on an area in both worlds and set the base goal of 10000 words for it. I don't know if I will be able to get that far in december because our daughter takes up quite some time, but I will try my best !   This page is to follow my progress during worldember so feel free to check the ones out the ones that strike your fancy. For this worldember I also created a large chronicle with Roman and Greek history that I plan to expand even further during the month. It is a great tool to learn more about the new world I created.   Roman and Greek History  

Completed Articles

Alexandros III
Character | Dec 26, 2023
  In the alternative timeline of my world Alexander the great lived a longer life leading to many changes in the history of the world. He conquered new lands and ensured that his dynasty inherited a stable empire.  
Alexandria Ganges
Settlement | Dec 31, 2023
  This city is the most eastern city Alexander founded. Although it started small it eventually became the capital of one of the Macedonian Empire's successor kingdoms.  
Organization | Dec 18, 2023
  When Pausanias II, a descendant of Alexander the Great, took control of India he opted for a more hybrid culture. One of the new things that arose was Graeco-Buddhism using religious elements of both India and Greece.
Terra Occidentalis Introduction
Generic article | Dec 22, 2023
  Finally an introduction to the world to explain in more detail the differences between our timeline and the one in terra occidentalis.  
First Macedonian Civil War
Military Conflict | Dec 27, 2023
  The first large internal conflict of the Macedonian empire was caused by the various satraps supporting one of two brothers.  

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