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Sea Salt

Flavour from the ocean

Sea salt is harvested all around Etrea and is used in many cultures for the preservation of food and for adding flavour. It differs from other varieties of salt by the trace minerals it contains, as well as what some describe as a faintly fishy odour. Some scholars claim that these trace minerals give sea salt health benefits over other kinds of salt.   In cooler climates, such as Serukis, sea salt is harvested by collecting seawater in large iron pots and then boiling it for several hours. For the last hour or so, frequent stirring is required to prevent the salt from burning on the bottom of the pot. It is then spread out on large trays or mats and left to dry out. This does not work as well during more humid or wet weather.   In hotter climates, such as in Hutsaih, seawater is collected in large shallow ponds, where it evaporates in the heat of the sun. Once the seawater is evaporated, salt is gathered from the bottom of the ponds with narrow rakes.   Sea salt from different areas all have a slightly different flavour, due to the different trace minerals found within. In some areas, the salt has been found to contain salt-resistant fungus that speeds up the deteriation of food, and some has also been found to contain minerals or elements that are toxic to those that consume it.

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