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Thalleerite (Tal-lee-rite)

A strange transparent ore that is mined in the regions surrounding the Chenga Mountains, its is magically inert and retains its transparency even even after being melted down and formed. The Thalleerite has a melting point of 3180°F. It have a tensile strength of 135,000 psi and a yield strength of 115,000 psi. Some clever forge-masters of Thalleerite have begun working with glass blowers to make a bullet proof stained glass.  If they can find more places to make it they could hold a monopoly on a immensely useful material.


Material Characteristics

Near perfectly transparent with spec of contaminant being visible when light is shown through.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The material is cool to the touch and extremely smooth with sharp edges.

Geology & Geography

Geological surveys are underway to see if this material can be found anywhere else on Orgranys.

History & Usage


Discovered by a dwarven expedition into the Chenga Mountains before it was known that they were nearly exclusively dragon territory. Initially it was thought to be some kind of strange gemstone, until they tried to grind facets into it.

Everyday use

Used to make bullet proof windows, and starship windows, there are currently experiments to see what it can be compounded with and how it takes enchantments.

Industrial Use

Can be used for much that glass can be and is vastly more durable.


It can be shaped from its natural state with the application of heat and mechanical force. When melted if can be formed into many shapes.


Trade & Market

Considered a luxury because of the fact that its a strong metal that can act in a similar way to glass.
400 gp or 472 credits a pound
Known deposits of it are massive but limited to a single region
smells like ozone when heated to red hot
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
g cm3 = 11.72 g/cm³
Common State
crystalline imbedded trance elements
Related Locations
Related Species

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