Natron and it's related products are wonderfully useful - in ceramics, in metals, in foods. Clearly it was made by friendly and well meaning Gods or Spirits.
Garoon Kal, Centaur trader

Natron is a major product and export of Branesariqua north of the Taurien kingdoms in the region of the Salt Spire mountains.


Material Characteristics

These dry crystalline powdery formations can be found around inland brine swamps/ flatmarshes. Some form where brine springs occur.  Heavier and thicker deposits of crystal and rocky material are mined from the ground.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Salty mildly bitter.

History & Usage


Natron was originally used as a salt to dry foods. At some point, centaurs don't record exactly when- it was found to help make glass.


The salty preservative use was the first use. Raw mineral deposits or burnt saltmarsh plants provided the source material.  Wood ash makes Potash- a different product used in fertilizers, soaps and alchemy. Myth says that centaur traders carrying blocks had stopped to set camp for an evening in a dry desert area full of sands. They used natron blocks to contain their fire pit and were amazed by the pools of glass that ran out from the fire and were found in the ashes. From this Centaurs learned glass making.  Experimentation found use in metal flux, clay and ceramics and baking and other food uses.

Everyday use

Natron is sued in making glass, ceramics and as a flux in metalworking. It is used in baking and cosmetics. It is a drying agent that is used in food preservation.  Mixed with fats and lye (from Potash) it makes soaps.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Ancient Damamillia used natron in dry preserving the dead and mummification. The Red Natron lake is caustic and was considered sacred and the most favored source of Damamillia natron.  It also was used to make red  and black glass for the Damamillians.  
The Red Natron lake of Damamillia

Manufacturing & Products

Soda ash can be made by firing natron in a kiln. Soda ash is used much as powder of natron. On the shores of the sea, kelps and marsh plants are burned to make soda ash.


Trade & Market

The mined form - Natron or a harder rock, Trona, are found around the Salt Spire mountains and in southern deposits in the lost kingdoms of Damamillia.  Larger quantities are available from these than are made by burning salt marsh and kelp plants, though local production is less expensive for small amounts than the mined material.
100 bushels for 10 sp
white to yellow and grey

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