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Luca’s Catalog of Magical Artifacts   Entry #27
  Item: Mirrors   Current Owner(s): N/A   Origin: N/A   Short Description: Potentially every mirror in existence   Detailed Notes   This entry isn’t going to be quite the same as my usual fare - to be honest, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept.   The longer I’m awake and working with the Lupine Bay Court, as well as my own clutch of course, the less I feel I know about the world.   Everyone has known that there are paths to various pockets of Underhill hidden throughout Midgard, and perhaps even paths to dimensions outside of Midgard. But I don’t know if anyone realized just how many paths.   Well, that’s not quite fair - obviously the citizens of Kumpania are well aware, considering they trade in such paths.   Ah yes, Kumpania, fascinating place, it’s this clearing in the forest see, but it’s not a real fore- but I digress. Kumpania is brilliant and I shall dedicate many entries to its gifts. But for this entry all that’s needed to know is that Kumpania is an in-between place, more like a train station than a town. But without trains. Mostly wagons. Endless travelers come and go while passing through on their interdimensional journeys.   But how do they get to Kumpania, you may be wondering. Mirrors! Well, that’s the main way. I think there are other ways, but I’ve much more studying to do.   Why mirrors? And are they ‘magic’ mirrors? Not at all! As it turns out, all mirrors can absorb the soul of their locations, eventually allowing them to act as portals back to those locations. Of course, any old Joe can’t just climb into a mirror and find himself in Atlantis. No, most of the time the powers of a mirror will remain dormant. After all, if you move the mirror, does it not just begin absorbing its new location, rendering the pathway broken?   I asked that same question! Evidently the proprietors of Kumpania know how to deal with such problems, but Moira didn't have time to go into detail. Next visit, I’ll find out more.   Speaking of Moira, her bookshop is something else! It’s called The Vardo of Alexandria (don’t you just love the reference) and they have so much going on. Their main specialty is what I’m calling ‘portal books.’ They’ve a whole team of scribes who watch the mirrors and transcribe what they’re seeing into books, which can then be used as portable teleport pathways! I mean, there’s so much more to it than that, I’m sure. Another subject to ask for details on when I return…


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