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Swamp Wood


Material Characteristics

It is a gray wood that is flexible, has deep brown bark, and grows primarily in the swamps of Dreanesia.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is mildly flexible, almost completely flame retardant, and makes an excellent building material. It is pleasant in color and is often farmed for its wonderful building potential.

Geology & Geography

Swamp wood is typically found in the deeper water areas of Dreanesia, and grows in massive droves. Its seeds grow relatively fast and can be planted in many regions. It requires high humidity and to be heavily watered in order to flourish, and thrives most in medium high temperatures. For these reasons, it is typically grown in massive orchards in Dreanesia, but not in many other places. It is also known for its lush, edible fruits that are farmed alongside the wood in most orchards. Typically, since fruit grows on the tree before it is ready to cut for its wood, fruit is usually harvested from juvenile trees, and they are cut down when they reach full maturity.

Origin & Source

They originate from swamp wood seeds, which are small black seeds that are found dispersed through the sweet flesh of the swamp wood fruits. They are typically either planted deliberately, or spread through the feces of the many animals that eat it.


Trade & Market

This is one of the most prevalent woods within the swamps of Dreanesia, but from there it only gets rarer as you get further out. For example, while in Dreanesia a pallet of swamp wood lumber might go for only a few silver, in Ocharial or Pelidore the same pallet might go for up to several gold.
When harvested, it often has a foul, swampy odor, but that typically goes away when cleaned
Ranges from pale gray to deep gray, usually with brown veins
Relatively low density, floats on water
Common State
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