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Spikefin Oil

An oil harvested from the spiney spikefin fish, this material is highly sought by bards and instrument craftsman for its ability to conduct musically focused magic through wooden instruments.


Material Characteristics

A grey-brown oil with the viscosity of olive oil.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Naturally cool to the touch, if unappealing to the eyes, spikefin oil turns a rich copper brown when used to coat wood, and dries to a glossy, if somewhat porous, finish

Origin & Source

Spikefin oil is extracted from the spikefin fish that gather in the bays and sounds of the Northern Continent.  It must be extracted by carefully removing the skin from the fish, a task made more difficult by the long spine from which they derive their name, and then pressing the fish to squeeze out the oil.  Each fish generates about 4 to 8oz of oil.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The primary usage of spike fish oil is in the creation and maintenance of magical instruments.  Once the oil touches wood, it reacts, forming a glossy resin with a molecular structure similar to crystals used in wizard staffs.  This makes instruments coated with it an ideal focus for a bard or other musical spell caster.


Trade & Market

Due to the hazardous nature of the spikefin fish, and the labor intensive process need to harvest the oil, spikefin oil is still considered a luxury.  Most spikefin oil is generated by small villages and then sold to directly to bardic colleges (via journeyman bards), and is primarily a cottage industry.


Spikefin oil can be stored for up to a year before losing it’s potency, but the sooner it is applied to wood post-extraction, the better it is at conducting magic.
5gp per oz
Like a cross between roses and peaches, faintly sweet
Bitter and astringent
Unappealing gray-brown
Common State
Related Locations

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