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Scalespiral Ancestral Home of the Dragons

Dyris, 3104 AGE

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Many eons ago, so long that the exact details are lost to the mists of time, a group of wizards discovered the secret to wandering between worlds. After much trial and error, they arrived on Scalespiral, the ancestral home of the dragons. These wizards set up a consistent wormhole between their world and many others, but as the eons passed the wormholes fell into disuse, and eventually faded into obscurity.
Now, Scalespiral is home to a wide array of sentient species. In addition to the native prismatic dragons, Scalespiral hosts a complement of humanoids found across the multiverse. From humans and halflings to dwarves and elves, every piece of Scalespiral's landscape is dotted with new and fascinating peoples.
Most of these people worship the native pantheon of seven Elemental Goddesses, although a few brought their own deities along from other worlds in the multiverse. The veil between belief and reality is especially thin in Scalespiral, so be careful what you wish for!

Hail, and well met on this journey, fellow travelers!

Scalespiral’s Planar System

Material Plane
Astral Plane
Ethereal Plane
Plane of Arcana
Plane of Thought
Plane of Convergence
Water Plane
Fire Plane
Earth Plane
Air Plane
Order Plane
Chaos Plane
Spirit Plane