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Astral Plane

The land of the dead, the Astral Plane is a quiet place.  It is filled with a rolling gray Sea of Souls, where the dead go to await rebirth or to rejoin the energy flow of the universe.  Though not within the direct control of any of the Elemental Goddesses, it is considered within the domain of Brae, Goddess of Order and Nuus, Goddess of Chaos.  The plane is co-ruled by two minor deities; the Raven Queen oversees the natural order of Life and Death, ensuring that unapproved and unethical resurrections do not occur, while the Demon King oversees the natural chaos of Rebirth and Release, ensuring that souls go where they desire once they have renewed themselves in the Sea of Souls.


A rolling gray Sea of Souls stretches out to the horizon in every direction, as far as the eye can see.  No matter how the plane is entered, or which direction you turn, the Raven Queen’s castle will always be directly ahead, only barely visible in the distance.  Similarly, the Demon King’s fortress will always be directly behind, equally far away.  Neither can be reached unless the owner allows it, unless you are wielding a power greater than their own.


The Astral Plane is void of life, though occasionally a soul that has recently joined the Sea of Souls may mimic the shape they held in life. The weather never changes, seeming perpetually overcast but never raining. Due to the nature of this plane, adventurers who visit will need to bring their own sustanance, and should be wary of staying longer than a fortnight, as their food and water will begin to mimic the intangible nature of the Sea of Souls. If the adventurers make it either the Raven Queen’s Castle or the Demon King’s keep, they may find an orchard covered in Ghost Pomagranate or orange trees, respectively, but adventurers are cautioned not to eat these fruits, as they will tie the adventurers spirit to the plane, and they will be unable to leave.
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