Material Plane


The material plane is the main occupied plane of Scalespiral, and is split into 3 continents - the Northern Continent, the Southern Continent, and the Western Continent.
The Northern Continent is highly arid and volcanic; riddled with caves, mountains, and deserts, with sparse vegetation. Most people on this continent live in holds inside caves and extinct volcanic cones, and agriculture is sparse. The continent has not yet fully recovered from the Fallen Plauge 400 years ago, when a lich conjured up a swarm of locusts that ate all organic material they could find.
The Southern Continent, on the other hand, is deeply covered in vegetation. Due to its topography, many parts of the continent have a rainforest climate, and the population is dotted in spiraling cities across its surface (though, surprisingly, it has an overall smaller population than the Northern Continent. This continent also includes the Copper Isles, a known outpost for rouges.
Little is known about the Western Continent outside of draconic circles. This continent is primarily inhabited by dragons, and humanoid species are only welcome by express invitation.
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