Plane of Arcana

This plane is the source of raw magic in Scalespiral.  It intersects the Material Plane at a 30 degree angle in the metaphysical space, and is anchored at either end by tethers of pure magic.  There are seven lodestones around the material plane that hold these tethers together, and they are well hidden and guarded to protect them from being destroyed.


A rolling mass of pure magic, likely to spontaneously react with anything it comes into contact with.  Adventurers are advised to leave any magical items behind and refrain from casting spells if they must travel to this plane.  Unfortunately, even these precautions will not prevent the plane from reacting with the innate magic present in any living thing.


In the 2700s, a lich king destabilized the Plane of Arcana while trying to absorb it into himself, causing the plane to tilt from its original position where it was perfectly aligned with the material plane.  Over the next 100 years, the Plane of Arcana slowly shifted to a steeper and steeper angle, causing the magic on the Material Plane to behave erratically.  The plane was eventually stabilized by an intrepid team of adventurers, but the original alignment could not be restored. As a result, magic behaves slightly differently in Scalespiral than in most universes, for details see Magical Skew