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Mephbril is an extremely rare and highly valuable metal.


The name mephbril is a shortening of "Mephrezhon's Gift" in Occdaldran dwarven. The High King who named the metal believed the vein was a gift to his people from the creator of the dwarves and Primordial of Metal.


Mephbril has a silvery metal with a high luster. It is malleable and ductile. Its two most desired properties are its resistance to corrosion, even in the presence of water, and its weight. Mephbril is as strong as high quality steel but weighs only half as much.


The first vein of mephbril ore was discovered approximately one thousand years ago in the Occdaldran city of Volkdwar and the metal was refined soon after. Since then the dwarves of Occdaldra has tried to produce as much of the metal as possible but even a thousand years of work has only produced a limited amount of the metal. While the dwarves keep much of the metal for themselves, they are willing to trade with those who can afford their exorbitant prices.


The main use for mephbril is for making armor. There are two main forms of mephbril armor. The first, known as standard mephbril is identical in design to normal steel armor, but is made of mephbril. This armor provides the standard level of protection at half the weight. The other type of armor is enhanced mephbril armor. This armor uses thicker rings and plates to create a higher level of protection that steel armor, with a twenty-five percent weight reduction.   Other uses for mephbril include some weapons, jewelry, and some decorative features that want to take advantage of its corrosion resistance.


Mephbril items are rare, and easily worth several times their weight in gold. Certain items have made their way around most of Therrmordia, but those items won't necsarily be for sale. They are more likely to be valued heirlooms. Mephbril is relatively more common closer to Occdaldra, and the dwarven kingdom does have the plurality of mephbril items.   Unworked mephbril is even harder to acquire than mephbril items. Half of all mephbril mined is worked in the city of Volkdwar and most of the rest is sent to craftsmen in other Occdaldran cities. Less than ten percent of mephbril leaves Occdaldra in ingot form and most of that is intended for a specific purpose and will be forged into something when it reaches its destination. Obtaining a mephbril ingot outside of Occdaldra is almost impossible.


Standard Mephbril Armor: -1 to fatigue check difficulties, -1 to agility penalties, -1 to minimum strength Enhanced Mephbril Armor: +1 soak die, -1 to fatigue check difficulties -1 to minimum strength


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