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Volkdwar is a major mining center in Occdaldra, famous for its production of mephbril .


The location of Volkdwar was surveyed over thirteen hundred years ago and a small exploratory mine was dug, but the settlement really started three hundred years later when the site was organized as a barony and given to Lemdric Flintbrow in an unofficial exile. Small improvements were made until five years later when a vein of mephbril was discovered beneath the peak.   With the discovery of mephbril the city's fortunes soared. The population soared as a wave of miners was followed by a wave of service folk followed by a wave a craftsmen. The barony's policy of paying exceptionally for goods and services meant there was a steady stream of highly talented people flowing into the settlement, which soon grew through a town into a city.   Two-hundred and fifty years after it's creation, the barony was raised to a county. The Counts of Volkdwar continued to expand the city in a more organized fashion, while construction strong defenses. The city has never been attacked. Over the centuries it has expanded to become the third largest city and Occdaldra.


Located high in the Earthspine Mountains in western Occdaldra, Volkdwar sits at the head of a narrow valley that opens to the northwest. Its elevation is approximately 9,500 feet above sea level. The oldest part of the city is clustered around the original mine entrance, but once expansion of the city became more organized development concentrated on the heavily terraced southern slope. The northern slope contains three additional mines and support buildings. Most of the old buildings near the mine have become slums. Next to the old city are the craft districts, with more housing moving along the edge of the valley. Large causeways run from the mining districts, craft districts and residential areas down to the valley floor where a thoroughfare exits the valley and links with the Dwarven High Road.


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