"Aethernite is a very rare metal that can only be harvested in the land of Und and it's surround territories. The only reason Und can harvest this material is because of the use of the undead."   ~ Unknown Villager


Material Characteristics

When the material is in its raw form it absorbs the heat in the surrounding area. Any mortal race, or any race that doesn't deal well with low temperature, cannot stay close to this material for to long. After the Aethernite has been processed into a safer form for mortal races to handle the Aethernite is exported to the Hinterlands and other territories.

Geology & Geography

Aethernite is found in areas deep within Aerdran near leylines or other areas that are soaked in high concentration of Arcane or Divine essence.

History & Usage


Aethernite was discovered by Arcanist Derrot Stonebeard during one of his many expeditions into the Underdark. One of his assistants discovered what looked like a glass fragment in the dirt. As the assistant got closer they felt the cold aura it was giving off. As the assistant touched it they started to develop frostbite. Curious by the state of his assistant Derrot took the raw Aethernite to study it.   Confounded by what was discovered he started to run a multitude of test before eventually being stumped. He continued the expedition and once completed Derrot rushed to his lab to conduct more indepth studying of the material. After countless hours of study Derrot hit a breakthrough as looking at the material and his map. Derrot concluded that the Aethernite was a product of the leylines that runs across all of Aerdran. To confirm this theory Derrot went to the Underdark again and discovered another vein of Aethernite.

Everyday use

Aethernite is normally used in enchanting items that are needed to interact with the threads of magic or the Etheral plane.


See Through with Thin Whisp of Blue Inside
Melting / Freezing Point
2,300 degrees Fahrenheit


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