Scorched Sand

Collecting the sand can be pretty lucrative, but also dangerous. That blasted desert is practically a death trap, not to mention the magic infused sand can be unstable. Take one misstep and you might lose a leg...or your life.
Scattered throughout the Scorched Wastes are patches of potentially unpredictable, magically charged sand. It is the result of random energy surges that appear to be common in the area. This material is a valuable resource gathered by settlements in the area to be sold and processed in various ways.


Patches of scorched sand are hard to identify with the naked eye. The particles are often loose and blend in with the normal soil, although hardened clumps have been discovered on occasion. Its color is a deep red orange with flecks of brown. To find the affected areas, one can use a UV light and look for patches that glow a bright yellow. Detect magic can work as well if the former method is unavailable.


This material is used in various magical implications. It is usually sold in pouches to use as spell components. Skilled artisans can take a batch and blow it into beautiful glass with different magic properties. Some companies like PrismaTech pay for thin sheets of glass to use in different technological devices like the Magi-Tab. If processed correctly, the sand becomes stable and easier to use.


In all forms, scorched sand reacts under UV light. It is usually only unpredictable in raw / unprocessed states. Each patch is different from one another in terms of magical ability. Most times the sand produces evocation effects, but others have been observed as well.
Magic Component
Scorched Wastes
100GP Per ounce


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I really like the method used to find the sand, as well as its unpredictable nature before it's refined.

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