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Linmar Root

Ptolus is foremost a port of trade. The city imports and exports a vast quantity of goods. One of the more unique and versatile of them is Linmar Root.    


  One of the most exotic of Ptolus exports is the Linmar Root and products of the Linmar Root. The root was first discovered by an elven alchemist and explored named Sudinron Linmar by who it gained its name. Although the root shows no signs of magic, it is widely believed that the seeding process was a ritual performed by a god that defies methods of divination and produces unpredictable growth patterns and results.    


  The Linmar Root is a hardy deep root vegetable that grows in small clumps with tough purplish leaves. The roots skin is a pale white to light tan, while the flesh can match the skin or even gain hues of red, pink, orange or yellow.    


The root is only known to grow around the base of Ptolus Spire. It holds no consistent growth pattern or season, growing as randomly as if by whim.      


  The Linear root is prized as rare and extremely useful for healers, wise-woman, apothecaries, and wizards.   The root seems to start as a neutral ingredient, but may be activated by a variety of alchemical or cooking methods. In some combinations, it amplifies the base it is mixed with and, in other examples, it takes on unique traits. It is commonly used in brewing potions, curing dried meats to add specific and exotic flavors, infusing oils, poultice, spirits, wine and even poisons.        

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Aug 5, 2021 19:48 by Leeland Artra

Love the idea of an edible root with properties like the deck of many things. This screams for a random-effects table behind the DM screen. Right up there with Questionite.

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