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Lourefell Spar

Lourefell Spar, aka The Tears of Arcanin, are not as valuable or sought after as wytchstone, but can still catch a princely sum on the market. The biggest barrier to it being more commonly sought after in its pure form is that so very few can fully harness the Da'At. Using it in its crystalline form incorrect, which is by most users, results in explosions, burns, and sometimes corruption.   It can be found other places on Imnnacon, but in a less pure state. The crystalline state is called the Tears of Arcanin.


Material Characteristics

The crystal form of this gem is rhomohedral. It is transparent.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is birefringent.

Geology & Geography

Lourefell Mountains

History & Usage


The first mention of this mineral is by Arcanin. He mentions the discovery of a crystal that refracts light into the Ætheric Winds. With this discovery, he postulated that he could control the uncorrupted Silver Winds of Da'At.   No mention of it was discovered again until accounts of the aftermath of the Battle of the Winds. At the place where Arcanin unleashed the Ætheric Winds and destroyed the battlefield, he could no longer be found, but there remained these clear crystals that bent light. These transparent crystals were dubbed, the Tears of Arcanin. However, their fate is lost to history.


Though referenced in historical texts, no one know where Arcanin discovered the Tears of Arcanin. Not until someone sumbled upon one in the Northern tip of the Lourefell Mountains. They brought it to Market Town to sell. No one there had seen it before, but Fo Chiao, a truthsayer and The First Arcanists scholar, recognized it from the ancient texts. He bought the crystal and paid handsomely to be brought to the site where it was found.   He found evidence of a small mine being dug into the side of the mountain. He found more. He discovered its properties, but not many people can unleash the Da'At. But even crushed, it was an excellent spell component.

Everyday use

It's most common use is powdered as a spell component. In crystal form, it can be used to unleash the Silver Winds of Da'At.
Chalky taste when powdered; otherwise tasteless
Melting / Freezing Point
1,517 F
Common State

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