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The First Arcanists

There is no greater sacrifice than that given in the pursuit of one's own destiny.
— Translation of ancient text attributed to Arcanin
The First Arcanists were the initial sapiens of Imnnacon to learn the intricacies of magic without the aid of divine benevolence or worship. A powerful force during the early years of civilization, they proclaimed that everyone was a master of their own destiny and one didn't need blind obedience to a God to perform magic. Though they were eventually destroyed in the Battle of The Winds, the formulae and geometry they discovered during that time form the basis of the arcane tradition used today.
Those conducting divine magic are just as vulnerable to the corruption as we are. For the corruption is not in the Æther itself, but in those who wish to wield it.
— Translation of ancient text attributed to Arcanin
Faith and Obedience! Faith and Obedience! These are the things that we will wield on the battlefield. These are the things that will protect us from the mutants and horrors released by the First Arcanists. Faith and Obedience, my Godsworn. Now bow your heads in prayer.
— Excerpt from a modern Godsworn sermon
The coterie was never a formal organization, but rather a group of gifted individuals following Arcanin, the most powerful of them, his lessons, and the path he was forging. Members of the coterie did not have a name to describe themselves, their group, or the new tradition they were creating.
The terms used to describe the tradition and its practitioners, "Arcane Magic" and "Arcanists", were originally insults. Religious letters and documents reveal that "Arcanists" was a derogatory term insinuating a lack of individual identity and contribution. These early practitioners were often described as sychophants and idiots, unable to do anything without the guidance of Arcanin. Implications aside, the contributions of these gifted individuals were critical to the tradition's survival.   Following similar logic, they proclaimed this new tradition, "Arcanin's Magick". These phrases persisted through time and lost their negative connotation with "Arcanin's Magick" morphing into "Arcane Magic", the name for the tradition today. The actual name of the coterie, "First Arcanists", would be applied by historians much later.  
As with all efforts to tap the Veil, be they divine or arcane, with power comes corruption. And Arcanin was not immune to its effect. His search for arcane knowledge became overwhelming, causing him to take greater and greater risks. Some even say that the mutant species, Skrzzak, were created as a result of one of his failed experiments into the nature of creation itself. He came to believe that there was such a thing as a relic of creation, and with it, he could unravel all of the mysteries of the universe.
I have it. I know where it is. The relic of creation is amongst the stones and spires of creation's upheaval - and I am DESTINED to retrieve it.
— Translation of ancient text attributed to Arcanin
Secret, Brotherhood
There is no such thing as the "Relic of Creation", my child. Those ancient texts can't be taken literally. They are the ravings of a First Arcanist suffering from corruption. It is best that you leave the translations of these texts to scribes. Instead, focus on your training and meditations.
— Iron Abbot talking to an Aspirant

Arcanin's Death

Arcanin led the other magic users during the Battle of the Winds against the religious elite that would destroy the new tradition and its practitioners. It is said that in a final act of desperation, he tore a part of the Ætheric Veil asunder and let forth the very Ætheric Winds themselves onto the battlefield. When all was done, however, devastation lay in its wake and Arcanin was nowhere to be found. Presumed dead, the remaining Arcanists went into hiding as they were blamed for the war and hunted without impunity. These sentiments regarding Arcanists still persist today.

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