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Aũ Bo (/aˈũ bo/)

Aũ Bo? Yeah, I been there. The place stinks of Orx, and if it wasn't for that famous Orx collective force of will, it would surely fall into the ocean. But it is the only real place where you can purchase exports from Wã, and that makes for a good reason to go.   Sure, you can by the usual stuff at this market - things like ÿũp lin, that's Orx for bird beak, mèn sasũ gbat, the famous and delicious river eel brain, and ÿaw lèt - yeah, that's right, blue thorn comes from Wã. And, stuff like that will get you a good price on the other continents.   But if you know where to go, you know who to ask, and you don't die in the askin', you can get the good stuff. And by good, I mean gooood, if you know what I mean.
— Kobe Tetsu, expert export merchant


There is not much civilization on the Orx continent of Wã, and one could argue even less in Aũ Bo. The market town is a small, cobbled-together affair built on top of a rocky outcrop overlooking the mouth of the Mè Mèn. Shops and stores or, uyũt, are placed chaotically on the rock without regard to common things like accessibility, visibility, or even safety.
Aũ Bo
by Mar Pigante


The town is run by an Orx by the name of Kpãg. He is the self-appointed mayor, or kaw̃sek, of the ramshackle town. The few merchants who ply their wares are also Orx, which makes buying anything there a risky business venture.   To ensure a steady supply of items, Kpãg constantly sends out lawkpek, or hunters. Most Orx have no clue about business, but they make great hunting packs and are capable of gathering some of the most dangerous and rare items the continent has to offer.  

Illegal Exports

Due to their extremely dangerous nature, by various world treaties, there are five universally illegal exports that can be found there. It is not illegal to own, sell, or purchase them, but it is illegal for anyone to export them.  
  • Orx-Molt spores (Orx-naw̃w mog)
  • Thorny vine sap (Kpèlèt chikp nãdmĩ)
  • Blind eye bed worm (Kaw̃b mãk mid chatũ)
  • Needle spiders (Oaw̃k umĩÿe)
  • Ice worms (Wugaw uchatũ)


No formal government


No formal infrastructure


No shops have actual names and the actual number of them can vary from week to week. However, there are some merchants who have been there long enough to garner a reputation. Therefore, their shops can be found by the merchant's names.  


  • Yĩnge /jĩnˈge/
  • Tĩ /tĩ/
  • Ÿawlchi /ʎɔlˈʧi/
  • Ÿĩbwik /ʎĩˈbwik/
  • Chawgb /ʧɔg͡b/
  • Wip /wip/
  • Numũs /nuˈmũs/

Food and Drink

  • Sawtnu /sɔtˈnu/
  • Chei /ʧeˈi/
Alternative Name(s)
Wã's Exports, Market Town, The worst place to shop
Trade post
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