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Crystals are the source of all magic on Casimira. Races that can use it naturally have some amount of crystal on or in their bodies, however humans have so little of it in such small portions that they must make use of the crystals of the world around them.

History & Usage

Environmental Impact

The primary environmental impact of crystals is that they are an important part of it, a connecting factor between races and species. If too much is removed at one time, it can cause the entire nature of the ecosystem around it to change into something else. Because crystals take some time to grow naturally, there must be regulations in place to prevent overuse of a particular area as a source for the trade.


Trade & Market

The crystal trade is one of the most widely spread across all of Casimira and is considered a staple. Many countries would have a much more difficult time maintaining their own resources and trade without the use of magic and the crystal trade is at the heart of it.


Depending on the size and delicacy, crystals are stored in either boxes or bags with cloth to cover them and prevent chipping. Unless overcharged by a particular element, no precautions are necessary to protect the bearer from the power that is kept within the crystal.

Once overcharged, a crystal may be wrapped in thick cloth layers and placed inside a container of the opposite element to avoid conduction and must never be touched without many protective layers. Without that protection, one is nearly guaranteed to contract severe Crystal Sickness.

Law & Regulation

Laws around crystals vary widely by country or kingdom, but most have limits on the amount a single person can hold at any given time and how they may be obtained. The single law across the continent is this: crystals cannot be removed from an environment in such quantities that it disrupts the environment around them.
Common to rare, depending on the type
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