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The Gifts of the Wheel

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  The traditional Gifts of the Wheel are unusual in that they have made their way into every culture in Casimira in some form or another. Whether they are able to use magic or not, all races know of the way crystals and their elements bring balance to the world. By giving each other a representation of that balance, it is said that the lands and homes of all will stay safe and a new calamity will never occur.


Each culture in Casimira has a variation on the story of how the Gifts of the Wheel were created and the tradition came to be. What is common amongst all versions is that each gift honors one of the gods and their corresponding element. Over the years, the Days of Giving have become opportunities for people and creatures of all races to come together and exchange small tokens of the elements.


The Gifts of the Wheel are given according to the season and are specially chosen to represent the time and element. It is common to exchange gifts among family members and often communities will come together to provide those with no family gifts of their own.

Components and tools

The gifts exchanged vary widely based on culture and element.   In Peregrine, bracelets are often woven with small Crystal chips throughout the year to give during the following year.   Dragons will come together to exchange scales or other items of value to include in their hoards. Dragon Riders have also been known to collect excess scales to create wreaths of each scale type to hang on doors or over fireplaces for protection throughout the coming year.


The Days of Giving divide the year into seasons and take place on the new or full moon of their given month, depending on the element. For example, the Day of Darkness takes place on the new moon, while the Day of Light would take place at the full moon.

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Grandmaster nnie
Annie Stein
4 Dec, 2022 13:09

It's nice hearing some of the different ways people approach this tradition! With the wheel imagery, I can't help but see the days of giving as almost the spokes of the calendar, dividing the seasons into sections.

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