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Verdant Soil

This article was created during Summer Camp 2021 and may contain out of date information.


Infused with Primal Life and formed over thousands of years from ancient forests, Verdant Soil is more than just fertile dirt. Though it is not directly collected from the Verdant Expanse by any place or people, every large-scale construction project normally creates a large surplus of the magically-enriched earth. This byproduct has little value in the Expanse it is harvested from, but is vital for the survival of both the Parched Expanse and the growing populations found within the Blistered Expanse. Without it, any attempts at agriculture quickly fail.

Alchemical Use

Alongside its obvious agricultural uses, Verdant Soil can also be destilled down into both Primal Life and Primal Earth with enough patience and heat. This process is both costly in time and other resources but is considered a very safe method to gain access to one of the more volitle forms of Primal.

General Information

Even when dry, the soil smells of damp earth and decomposing leaves.
A rich brown.
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