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Base of the economy of several towns and more than one city in Ilmad, masyú is a very useful material. It’s safe enough to be part of daily use items, and has the strength required in buildings and weapons. On the other hand, is easy to manipulate and store.



  • Bricks
  • Textiles
  • Perpetual ink
  • Several tools and containers
  • Arrows
  • etc. 

Origin & Source

The White Quive is a bush that blossoms every 38 - 43 days. While any part of the bush can be processed as Masyú, the regular practice is to use only the flowers.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Pure Masyú, made by petals only, is less strong but easier to manage, which makes it popular among artisans who use it in the form of pulp. Those who use powder or liquid variations have no preferences, unless they care for the unique patterns formed by liquid Old Masyú.   Leaves' Masyú is much more durable the only one used for indelible ink and a favorite for construction, but the latter usually conform with Mixed or even Pure Masyú.


Trade & Market

In Ilmad

Maysu is common but valuable, being the most used material in the world. Several farms and factories are fully dedicated to its production. Both the flowers and the processed maysú are used as coin by some inhabitants of Kadse and even a few of the Irmiadse countries. Semadse regulates the price and supports the production of this material, and many other countries try to do the same.  

In the rest of the universe

The Society of Enlightened Worlds discourages the traffic of Masyú out of Ilmad, because this is an Unaware world, but they won't act against any merchant that follows the local rules and customs. It's good for Ilmad's economy, and high quality Masyú can't be find anywhere else. White quives can be grown in a few worlds out of Ilmad, and never with the same quality. The process is not exactly a secret, but those with experience usually live in Ilmad, even if those that weren't born there.
15 Drops (only in Semadse)
Dirty white
Boiling / Condensation Point
1302 ºC
Melting / Freezing Point
689 ºC
Common State
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