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Andromeda Gemstones

You may think you have a large gemstone in your hand, but the one's from Andromeda can be even bigger. Too bad for us common folk that they go straight to the rich. If I could get my hands on one I would pawn it off and finally get somewhere in this life.


  The Mining Town of Andromeda makes most of its wealth from the trading of jewelry rather than the vast quantities of metal and gemstones it can mine. Several highly regarded artisans specializing in meticulously crafting precious metals and gemstone items. The quality of the assembly and design of Andromeda jewelry is some of the most coveted goods on the continent. The size of the stones from the Andromeda mines play an essential part in this perception of value. Few mines can produce large, pure gemstones and Andromeda is the most productive in this regard. Thus, the jewelry produced appear more vibrant and impressive than with smaller and less valuable gemstones. The most prized gem is Andromevite, named after the mines within which it was discovered.   As a note, magically enchanted gemstones like the Meson Crystal belong to another, rarer family of gems and often have to be made my mages of one sort or another and never mined. Gemstones that have been recovered would have been enchanted in their day but have lost their magic sometime during the The Great Collapse.

This is the stone of sovereigns. At least that's what its price would suggest. Still, take a good look at this beautiful luster...
— Amy Vapeiros, Jeweler


  This precious gemstone is found only in the Andromeda mines. This stone possesses a grey to grey-green color. It takes a truly keen eye to identify the exact shade of green. Andromevite has trigonal, conchoidal, and uniaxial properties. Additionally, it is transparent and has a vitreous luster. Andromevite is the most prized stone of the Mining Town of Andromeda commanding a price of 100,000 Lunarian Elitră per karat (20,000 Helian Aurum; 500,000 Centrum Oculus) making it the most expensive non-magical gemstone on the continent.   (20,000gp, 100,000sp, and 500,000cp per carat)


  Another stone that, while not exclusive to the Andromeda Mine, has only been found within the Queendom of Lunaria. Hence the name. Lunarite possesses a blue to purple color, vitreous luster, orthorhombic crystal system. This stone commands a value of 25,000 Lunarian Elitră per karat.   (5,000gp, 25,000sp, 125,000cp per karat)

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  A curious thing that the vast Ancient Order was unable to deplete the earth of gemstones. Were gemstones returned to the earth during the collapse? Ought we to have found more ancient jewelry? - Archivist Savitri   There's evidence to suggest that many cut stones have been destroyed during the collapse. The ancients preferred to enchant their stones either to increase their power or to simply increase the value of their stones. The stones were probably destroyed by their own power that was supercharged when the wild magics were violently unleashed all lands. - Archivist Taenya Naïlo

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27 Jul, 2021 01:55

I like that you've included a gemstone unique to Andromeda, and Lunarite sounds lovely. Nice read.

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24 Aug, 2021 00:06

Really interesting article, though I think the most interesting bit was what the archivists had to say. A mystery~   I love the sound of lunarite. :D

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28 Aug, 2021 14:30