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Ursandian Lumber

The most valuable export out of Ursand is their mystical lumber that for many is what their multigenerational family homes are made from. Without the lumber, the country of Ursand would not exist as it is, the frozen areas an inhospitable wasteland.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Ursandian lumber has a very unique trait, they do not rot like normal lumber does even in saltwater or swamps a piece of Ursandian lumber will persist as it was until it is damaged by someone or something. Further any pests that would destroy the wood such as termites will die upon trying to consume the wood. These traits are owed to the constant exposure every night to the Gravefog of Ursand. some scholars believe that the wood is also supernaturally hardened by the bark being slowly removed by the fog only for it to regrow this time harder. Some lumberjacks in Ursand will attest that there are trees no normal ax can even scratch.

Geology & Geography

The only place to find Ursandian lumber is in Ursand, the cold, harsh, hostile areas that are affected by the Grave fog. Rel'Taris is the major gathering point for lumber shipments before being sent to other places on the continent.

Origin & Source

Any tree that can survive the harsh weather of Ursand, and the Gravefog can be considered Ursandian lumber. For the most part, they are pine or fir trees but some smaller groves of oak trees can grow around geothermal hotspots.

Life & Expiration

In normal circumstances the wood will not deteriorate, it can be magically made to do so, however. This makes it ideal for ships and buildings. One issue that has been discovered is that if the wood is exposed to temperatures above 100 degrees (f) for long periods of time (3-4 days) it will release small clouds of Gravefog in the area depending on the size of the structure, such clouds don't last long but can cause significant damage to people and animals. Making it not a popular choice in hot areas.
Depends on the type of tree
A slightly more grey version of the normal
Common State


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