Alchemical Silver

The apperance of Alchemical Silver is that of liquid Silver, some unknown process of the elves, allows them to take whatever assumes to be silver, and others have tested the material and say it holds most of the properties of Silver, and bring it to a liquid form. No one really knows how bar the alchemists of the House Aerani.

History & Usage


The art of making the silver been known since as long as the elves written history goes back, and probably as far as the Great Mitigation, no one knows why only the elves knew the technique for making of it, and they guard it with jealous that not either the Crystal Mages seem to know beyond the basic requirements of it. Which is Silver, Gases from the Grey Mists of the Darkness, and a number of other regents. No one knows the technique outside small group of Aerani Alchemists.


Unknown first mention of use was in the Town of Rosefront, with the Elves of Aerani first joined with the humans of that town, in help with some minor technology advantage to help with the operation that had been done by physical labour, and with a little magic known to the elves and alchemical silver as a component they created minor magitech items that would work themselves, with minimal phyisc al labour.

Everyday use

The common use of Alchemical Silver now is the use within the Wayfaire gates which was the lifeblood of the city, and the reason it as become a major tradehub across the spheres of the Dark. Each gate needs amount to operate, the smaller district gates to allow quick travel across the city require a single vial every few months, while the larger ones in the Wayfaire Hub required a vial a week. This is one of the limiting factors of decision to create additional gates as only so much of the Alchemical SIlver is produce and gates are unable to operate with out it.

Industrial Use

Can be used with a minor spell to create movement in stationary objects, so a mill can operate without an other source of energy. These are uncommon due to the cost of the Alchemical Silver due to the heavy requirements of the material in the gate systems across the city and spheres.

Manufacturing & Products

Silver, Gases of the Mist are known other requriements are kept hidden by the Alchemists.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Once its been used and burnt up by the gates their is no materials left, its is a finity material, and there doesn't appear to be any waste material left in the process of it being used.


It is highly corrosive to anything that isn't made of glass, stone or metal, it will burn though skin and woods within seconds of it touch it, the process does also reduce the alchemical silver it seems to burn up during the process of eating away at the materials it touchs.


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