Ghat Wool

Ghat wool is wool collected from Ghat fur and spun into yarn and used to make garments. Ghat fur is sensitive to temperature and naturally curls when exposed to cold temperatures. Thus it is often used to make garments that will change there properties due to temperature. A loosely knit shit that easily lets air through might become a tight garment that blocks wind. A baggy tunic that hangs loosely might curl up and become a warm insulating layer.


Material Characteristics

The wool itself is composed of two distinct sub fibers that grow together in one fiber. One sub fiber is sensitive to temperature and once it is below 5 C the sub fiber undergoes a rapid conformational change and shrinks by up to 20%. The other sub fiber has a high tensile stregth and is not sensitive to temperture changes. The two sub fibers grow togerther in a helical pattern. Thus when the whole fiber reaches 5 C, one side of the helix rapidly shinks causing the whole fiber to curl in on itself.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Ghat wool is a highly valuable substance that the Tern Shar rely on for their livelihoods. Ghats are naturally migratory creatures that must move with the day. Thus the Tern Shar are forced to follow in thier migrations. However since the rise of Gran Saminism the Tern Shar have not been welcome in the Plains of Tern and thus have lost acceess to the very fertile grazing grounds that they used to use for grazing the Ghats in the afternoon. Now what they are forced to remain in the Noshar Desert region. Since it is a desert with little food, the Tern Shar sell much of the Ghat wool to the local Yen Sha farmers, who in return use their spate irrigation systems to grow forage for the Ghats.

Manufacturing & Products

Ghat wool is spun and knit into garments in two diferent conditions. If the wool is processed and knit in a cold enviroment. The garment produced tends to fit like a normal woolen garment, but when the grament warms up the fibers relax and the garment loosens and becomes baggy and allows air to pass through more easily. When the wool is processed and knit in a warm enviroment, the garment shinks and become a skin tight when exposed to cold.
grey to white. Unable to be dyed
1.26 g/cm^3
Ghat wool garment Arina CC0.jpg
Ghat Wool Garment by Arina

Cover image: Ghat Wool by sophy


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