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Bolkhyn Andesite

Dark stone seems rather foreboding, don't you think? Foreboding though it may be, I have to admit it can look beautiful nevertheless.
— Everbright Stonemason
  Bolkhyn andesite is a volcanic stone harvested from quarries in the Bolkan settlement of Merroun.

Dark Forged

This dark volcanic stone is named for the people who gather it, the Bolkhyn who reside in Merroun, an industrial settlement known for its expansive quarries. Due to the nature of Bolkan's extreme volcanic activity, its andesite quarries periodically refill with lava, which hardens anew into additional stone fit for gathering. The Merroun quarries are so expansive due to the frequent need to relocate in order to avoid the lava floes, requiring shifts to other gathering locations. Though the patterns are unpredictable, the quarries are typically mined in a cycle, skipping over those quarries which have not cooled enough to mine.

Fields of Gray

This dark gray stone is very common find in Bolkan, giving much of the landscape an appearance of fields of gray. The stone itself is dark and fine-grained, but marked with white crystal formations.

Beloved in the Craft

Structures and decoration composed of this stone are exceptionally common in the region of Bolkan, especially in its cities. This stone can be seen in common use all throughout the volcanic region, especially in decorative pieces in courtyards and gardens, and is a common pick for statues and stonework. In some areas of Bolkan, the streets are paved with the textured stone, giving many Bolkhyn cities and settlements dark pathways for roads, which are often quite a stunning sight in their own right.
A favored stone among the Bolkhyn, and a trade commodity among many others.
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