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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the harvested and processed wood taken from the Giant Flying Trees to be used in Skyships and other such technology.


Material Characteristics

Lightwood is the deadwood that falls from a giant flying tree.

Physical & Chemical Properties

In its natural state, it will float around its home tree, and if farther away it will float on the wind currents. If looked at with arcane sight, it will show a faint magical aura.


Lightwood is used to make Skyships, buildings and any item made out of wood that needs to be light.

Geology & Geography

In the Skylands Continent, or anywhere a World Tree grows.

Origin & Source

The World Tree Gaia sent out seeds during the The Chaos Wars to make sure something of her survived. They traveled to the Skylands and became the trees that lightwood comes from.

History & Usage


Not long after Skylands ascension into the sky, the lightwood trees began to sprout. They thrived in this new atmosphere.


The first tree was discovered by Oskyr Zimmerman, in his travels after his soul-brother, Dieter Brightstone died.

Everyday use

They are used for Skyships, furniture, structures, anything that needs to be light.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Sky Dancers* make all their ships out of lightwood. It is considered holy to them and they will never knowingly kill a Giant Flying Tree, only collect its detritus.


Trade & Market

Only a licensed dealer can sell and ship lightwood.

Law & Regulation

Unless given permission, they can't be sold to Grounders (surface dwellers).
Uncommon, protected
Varies, there are many types of Giant Flying Tree, each has their own smell.
Varies, depending on tree type.
Melting / Freezing Point
The majority of Giant Flying Trees live at the lower levels of the Skylands, so the area is mostly temperate. Most can freeze if the temperature stays below 20 degrees for more than a week straight.
Lightwood is porous which makes it so light.
Common State
Related Locations
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2 Aug, 2021 00:21

A fun read! Has anyone tried to cut down a live lightwood? What would be the punishment?

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