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Water is a transparent chemical substance that can be found commonly within the galaxy. Water is vitally important to every lifeforms on Earth, so when the human expand themselves into the outer space, they take the need of water with them.


Geology & Geography

Naturally, water are mostly found in its solid state like on icy planet or asteroid belt. In some condition it can be found in the liquid state.

History & Usage

Industrial Use

In Colonization progress, water is being used many way to terraform such as cooling down, creating ocean, changing its climate. By obtaining water by trading it can reduce the progress from a billion years to only a decade.

In argicultural planets such as Farmus where all food they grown are being transported offspace, water help refueling its lost mass and also dissolved more minerals on the surface for more plants to grow.


Trade & Market

Colonies with abundence of water may sell their own to other colonies in need or terraforming company. By using cargo ship, brought or rented, or merchants like Farland Company, water will be pumped, stored and travelled to various destination.

Sometime water can be sold as an exotic products, like in some barren or artificial built planet where water is valuable resource to feed the entire population.


Water can be transport in many form, but storing in the tank is considered the greatest.
Elemental / Molecular
Boiling / Condensation Point
100 C
Melting / Freezing Point
0 C
1000 kg/m3
Common State
Solid, Liquid

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