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Zhito is a rye grain variety only produced in The Rybeld.


Material Characteristics

As with other rye grain varieties, Zhitho has flat leaf blades and dense singular flower spikes.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Zhitho flour contains more gluten than standard rye flours.  Zhitho rivals wheat in this capacity and can be used in combination with standard rye varieties and yeast to create unique bread products that do not rely on wheat gluten for creation of the rise and texture desired.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Zhito is used in the production of baked goods, primarily breads.

Industrial Use

Zhito's high gluten content, relative to other rye varieties, makes it highly sought after for baking in breads that do not contain wheat.  Zhito, due to its unique flavor profile, is used a "spice" grain.  This spice grain is added to various products in particular to rye whiskeys to capture the plum note.

Manufacturing & Products

Zhitho is processed similarly to other grains for producing flour.  Harvest, drying, kernel separation, and subsequent milling into flour.


Trade & Market

Zhitho, when found outside of the Rybeld, is extremely expensive and available only in small quantities.   Export of Zhitho is uniquely available through a "contingency auction" controlled by the producers.  This auction carries no obligation on the producer, but serves to create an outlet for the producers to off-load production overages in unexpectedly welcome high production seasons.

Law & Regulation

Production of Zhitho is tightly regulated to help maintain regional production quotas but also to control export and keep prices high. Seed is even more tightly controlled, and no export of seed is allowed.  Severe penalties exist for smuggling of flour, mash, or seed of Zhito.
Uncommon within the Rybeld, and rare outside the region.
Zhito shares the typical sweet, malty smell of all rye grain varieties, with a unique plum note .
Zhito shares the typical malty, nutty, and slightly milky taste with a plum top note.
Zhito is distinct with a green-grey appearance as opposed to the blue-gray of typical rye grain varieties.


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