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Amniteum is a mineral that forms when fossilized ammonites are put under extreme pressure for an extreme prolonged period of time while exposed to temperatures below the freezing point. In its raw form this mineral has a speckled dark gray tone with distinct flecks of pine green. The quality and age of the Amniteum can be determined by the amount and saturation of the green flecks. Large deposits of amniteum can be found in and around the Boreal Sea north of Wolfsbrunn.   In its raw form, amniteum has the same properties as granite. It is extremely dense and can be polished to a sheen if a craftsperson takes their time with the material and uses a variety of sanding and polishing methods. Because amniteum forms from fossils, the pieces are too small to be used as a construction material. It is more often used as a material for small sculptures as well as ornamental and decorative elements in architecture. Large clusters of green amniteum are also used as a lesser gemstone in rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry.  

Amniteum Glass

The Naldorese people have perfected the craft of forging raw amniteum into Amniteum Glass. This type of glass is not completely clear, and has a slight green tint to it. The Naldorese use Boreal Forges to melt down the fossils after which it is molded and shaped into objects. Because of the labour intensive process and scarcity of the material, these items are quite valuable and not often found in the possession of the average commoner. Next to being a strong and very beautiful material, the glass has a peculiar property to it that makes it succeptible to magic which makes it easy to enchant or otherwise magically enhance. One of the most famous and quite oppulent uses of Amniteum Glass is in the House of Emerald Glass.


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This stuff sounds so cool…I want some. Just shards of it everywhere with no other purpose than to look cool, you hooked me at green glass :)

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