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Amniteum Mirrors

Wondrous Item, Varying rarity

These types of mirrors come in identical pairs and are made with amniteum. Depending on their size and the strength of the enchantment they have varying capabilities. The item was invented by Naldorese craftspeople who found out these capabilities by accident when using amniteum glass to make mirrors.


An amniteum mirror can be used like a window. When activated, you are able to switch the reflections of the mirrors, effectively seeing into or through the mirrors as a window of sorts. Higher grade amniteum mirrors function as portals through which objects and people can pass through. Smaller mirrors are quite common and can be found in the possession of travelers and explorers, while the larger powerful mirrors are too massive and fragile to be moved from their location.


According to some legends there were entire armies as well as otherworldly beings from other planes of existence that passed through these mirrors in the days of old. There have been several theories and failed attempts to use these type of mirrors to travel to other planes and through The Veil to bring back the Divines to the world.


Craftspeople first create a single mirror of amniteum and silver. The mirror then broken in two separate pieces, cut to identical size and polished. The two mirrors are then stacked with the mirrored surfaces towards eachother for at least 1 month, after which the mirrors can be used to look through. This property happens randomly, so a simple enchantment for this ability to control this using a verbal command is applied. For objects or people to pass through the mirror, they are further enchanted, depending on the size of the mirror and the requirements, this task can take up to several years.


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