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The people from Naldorec are known as the Naldorese. The Naldorese consist mainly of Dwarves and Gnomes. The largest portion of the population lives in the mountain city of Thog'Naldar. Some live in small homesteads and settlements on the island in the Boreal Sea and on the northern shores of Wolfsbrunn. The Naldorese are a proud and hardworking folk. The harsh conditions of the elements of the region they are native to has forged them into hardy individuals with a strong sense of community. Naldorese value the protection of those who are unable to or can no longer fend for themselves deeply. No matter where they are and despite any possible harsh conditions, Naldorese fok have a tendency to be able to find or create comfortable living conditions for themselves and those that are close to them.  

Forgers of Fossils

The Naldorese are mostly known for their use of Amniteum, a pressurized fossil material which they mine from deep in the islands of the Boreal Sea and the bottom of the sea itself. The Naldorese melt these fossils down in a specialized forge known as a Boreal Forge. This process turns the fossil into a glass like substance called amniteum glass. This glass can be melted down, molded and shaped.   Unlike regular glass which is fragile, amniteum glass is extremely resistant to breaking and can be smithed while heated. If properly forged, amniteum glass also takes far more easily to arcane enchantments in the form of runic inscription as well as spells repeatedly cast on or into the material itself to grant it magical properties. Because of this, items made from this material are highly sought after by enchanters and adventurers alike. Cut and polished pieces of glass are used as arcane focus in wands and staffs. Mirrors and crystal balls made from amniteum glass are favored by scryers and other practitioners of divination magic across the world. Skilled smiths are able to create weapons from the glass, but blades made from amniteum glass are traditionally only made by order of the king and bestowed on high ranking officials of the Naldorese millitary or heroes of the people. Amniteum glass is also used to create jewelry, flutes and lenses for glasses and telescopes.


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Jul 2, 2021 15:05 by Avalon Arcana

This glass sounds quite beautiful. Do the runes embedded in it stay visible or do they eventually fade?

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