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Dwarves are widely known as the children of the mountains, and according to some legends hail from the elemental Plane of Earth. They often dwell in robust and ancient strongholds carved into the heart of mountains or underground, places where they can feel the heartbeat of the earth itself. But there are also dwarves that have adapted to other settings, from islands and deserts to secluded woodlands, dwarves brought their resilience and industrious nature to many new frontiers.

Resilient and Industrious

Although no dwarf is like any other, it can be said that dwarves' connection to the world and in particular the earth grants them an unyielding spirit, making them less inclined to seek fleeting pleasures or wealth for wealth's sake. They typically value the strength and development of character over material riches. Their commitment to craftsmanship and hard work often sets them apart from other individuals. Throughout history, dwarves have been known for their reliability and steadfastness, offering their expertise and aid in times of need, especially in matters of construction and fortification.

Masters of Crafts

The long lifespan of dwarves provides them with plenty of time to perfect their crafts. Dwarven blacksmiths, engineers, and stonemasons are often credited with monumental works that stand the test of time. Many novice and apprentice craftspeople seek out dwarves to learn from them. Most commonly in the fields of metallurgy, gem cutting, and masonry. Their teachings in these arts have left a lasting impact on the world, shaping not just physical landscapes but also the cultural and technological advancements of many civilizations.
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