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Plane of Earth

The Elemental Plane of Earth is a vast and unforgiving realm. In effect this plane is an endless system of caves and caverns. There are countless tiny tunnels but also massive chambers with towering mountains and deep chasms.

Stable and Shaking Grounds

The plane itself can be treacherous, with landslides from jagged peaks, and crumbling cliffs. The air is thick with the smell of mineral-rich soil, and the ground constantly rumbles with seismic activity. Despite the challenges of this plane, there are many treasures to be found within its depths. Precious gems and metals can be mined from the earth which can be used in Crystal Infusion and the creation of other types of magic items. There is not a lot of natural light, but luminescent gems, plants and fungi light up some caverns and caves of the plane.   The plane of earth is pretty hospitable for humanoids compared to the other elemental planes, as it is generally quite stable. However, there are still plenty of creatures and elementals lurking in the darkness of unexplored parts of the plane that might pose a serious danger to an unprepared traveler.

Elemental Borders

The elemental plane of earth borders the other elemental planes of fire, air, and water. The borders between these planes are fluid and constantly shifting, with elements from each plane mixing and blending together. The border between the plane of earth and the plane of fire is marked by vast fields of molten lava, where molten rock from the earth plane mixes with flames from the fire plane.   The border between the plane of earth and the plane of water is a mixture of murky waters, swamps and even pools of acid. It is a place of great instability and change, as the planes battle for dominance. The water may erode the earth, creating new channels and waterways, while the earth may rise up to create new landmasses that forces the water back to its plane.   The border between the plane of earth and the plane of air is filled with sandstorms and windswept canyons. There are places akin to deserts or desolate plains created by the wind eroding and crushing the earth into fine sand. Dust and coarse sand fills the air, giving the winds an abrasive, coarse and scouring property.
Alternative Name(s)
The Grand Caverns
The Primordial Labyrinth
Plane of Existence
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