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Tygar's Electrum


Material Characteristics

Tygar's Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold, silver, and Resonance Mineral. When carefully refined, it appears as a blue tinted silver, with visible streaks of Resonance in the bar.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Tygar's Electrum exhibits a unique property that separates it from a simple smelting of gold, silver, and Resonance together into an ordinary alloy. When carefully refined from its natural ores, the entirety of the Electrum exhibits the same properties as Resonance Mineral, being naturally receptive to magic and allowing magical effects to linger. While not strictly speaking superior to a pure working of Resonance Mineral in this way, the presence of gold and silver imparts a higher value to objects made from Tygar's Electrum.   Notably, if refined carelessly, Tygar's Electrum separates into its component silver, gold, and Resonance, and loses its unique property even if the components are melted back together into a single ingot.

Geology & Geography

Tygar's Electrum has been found solely at Gresko's mining claim, on an island a short hop away from the Eastern Saibh great peninsula, in a mine set deep into the side of an extinct volcano. The community set up to mine the claim is now known as Gresko's Town.

Origin & Source

Tygar's Electrum is refined from its own unique ore, and cannot be smelted together from its base components to any success.

History & Usage


Tygar's Electrum was considered simply an impure electrum ore prior to the discovery of Magic in 715 and the discovery of the unique properties of Resonance Mineral, and the mine at Gresko's claim was not considered particularly productive given the expense of shipping ores by boat. Magecraft changed affairs; while ordinary Resonance was fine for practical purpose, couturiers of the Etoile Capital City demanded something more luxurious for jewelry and gilt inlays, and Tygar's Electrum (named after the man who founded the mining claim, Tygar Gresko) provided.   The mining and sale of Tygar's Electrum props up the small community of miners at Gresko Town.

Everyday use

Tygar's Electrum now features as the material of choice when a wizard or magus adorns themselves with jewelry. A pendant made from Resonance can cast a magical light for hours in the dark; one made from Tygar's Electrum can do so while impressing socialites at parties with its craftsmanship. Jewelers of the Capital have made a series of pendants, bangles, and earrings from Electrum, for use by wizards in social settings.


Tygar's Electrum is slow worked, as heat cannot be applied in large amounts without the Resonance in the ores being melted out of the compound. Instead, the ore is repeatedly rotated and hammered to work out rocky impurities, with spot treatments of heat to remove traces of base metals. This process requires high quality ores of minimal impurities - ores with too many different metals in them cannot be slow worked in this way and are smelted like ordinary ore to recover the gold and silver.
Silver streaked with teal
Common State
Refined ingot

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