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Gresko's Town


Gresko's Town is a small mining village; everyone there is a miner other than a cook brought by the Copper and Ironworker's Brotherhood to maintain the bunkhouse kitchen.


As a Copperhead mining settlement, the Copperheads themselves administer the settlement, bringing in supplies and bringing out ores and supplies of Tygar's Electrum.

Industry & Trade

Gresko's Town is a mining settlement in Eastern Saibh, the sole source for Tygar's Electrum, a luxury material in demand from wizards of the Wizard's Association of Etoile in the Etoile Capital City. Prior to the discovery of magic, Tygar Gresko's original claim was deemed unprofitable by the Copperheads, but the claim is now quite lucrative for both the consortium and the local miners.


While named as a town, Gresko's Town is little more than a bunkhouse and some secondary buildings in front of a mine and sorting facility. A well on the island provides fresh water, but all other supplies are brought in by Power-sail.


Tygar Gresko, an associated prospector with the Copperheads, discovered veins of electrum on an unnamed island a day's sail away from the Village Cape on the East Saibh peninsula. He staked the claim and sold it to the Copperheads for a nominal amount before moving on, eager to look for more valuable ore deposits across the islands; the electrum in the claim was deep and would be difficult to extract in bulk.   The Copperheads maintain sample ores from all of their working claims; the sample from Gresko's was found to resonate when a magus on staff was casting a light from her hands to inspect the storage warehouse. Tygar's Electrum was thus discovered, and after further research, the Copperheads decided to establish a mining settlement at Gresko's claim for the commercial extraction of his Electrum.


Gresko's Town is located on a small, unnamed island just off the great circular trade route, a day's sail away from the Peninsula Cape and uninhabited.

Natural Resources

Outside of the mining claim and ore value, the island itself has a freshwater well and is well supplied with game, and is a good anchor point for captains to resupply before continuing on the trade route.
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