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Copper and Ironworker's Brotherhood


The Copperheads (nearly universally used as their name, including by themselves) are a major mining Consortium of the Principality of Etoile. The organization is typical of most Consortiums; ownership interests are represented in a board of direction, with day to day operations overseen by officers, managers, and individuals.


The Copperheads rightly see the ores and metals they produce as underpinning nearly all of Etoilean progress; no Power-Wagons travel the roads without struts and finishings made from their iron and copper, and no Siege-sails travel the seas without a reinforced iron containment housing for the ship's flywheel. As they are the predominant mining interest in all the Principality, Copperhead associated miners are taught that they play a vital role in the prosperity of the state.

Public Agenda

The Copperheads are a profit-driven Consortium, bound by The Tradepact of the Consortiums into also serving the interests of the state. Though they may aim to make their ownership interests wealthy, all activities they embark on much also serve the state interest and further the goals of Etoile.


The Copperheads own upwards of four hundred active mines and thousands more stakes, all across western Saibh, as well as several smelter and refiner facilities, a central ingot mill in Patino, the Machine City, and a massive headquarters building in the Capital. They are by net asset value the wealthiest private interest in all of Etoile.


While copper and iron mining has of course been conducted since prior to recorded history, The War of Unification provided a unique opportunity to consolidate the many hundreds of individual mine interests into a horizontally integrated business that could produce copper and iron ores at cheaper cost. Rex Massina founded the Consortium in 641 after individually traveling to those mines and buying out their interests, organizing a central authority for mining with the assistance of the Princepality, who was eager to secure metal supplies for continued production of military goods.   The Copperheads have been a constant presence since, using their fabulous wealth to open new mines, patronize the arts, and otherwise spend lavishly.

Faith in Metal

Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Copperheads
Controlled Territories

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