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"The Continent of Saibh imposes limitations on our ability to understand the world; by lay understanding Saibh *is* the world, but an educated scholar will know better. The inability to see tall objects past a certain distance necessitates that the world be a spheroid of some sort, but the only way to confirm that is for someone to journey in one direction and arrive from the other. So far, that has not happened yet. This means that our understanding of the world is not significantly improved from the times of our forebears, a surprising result given the spread of Power technology and the rapid evolution of our society."
-"An Introduction to Cartography"


Saibh is the central continent on Creus, as far as anyone knows - it is a vast land separated into Western and Eastern portions (called West Saibh and East Saibh, in a rather unimaginative display), with the Western continent a vaguely egg-shaped land roughly five thousand miles in width, and the Eastern a long, sinuous strand of mountains that winds through the Bui Sea until a terminus in the southern icecap, and would be roughly six thousand miles in length if stretched out in a straight line. The Etoile Capital City is situated at the point where the Western and Eastern portions of the continent converge, as well as the most convenient point for a ship to cross seas without sailing all the way around the continent.   Western Saibh is a large land covering many biomes, with a host of rivers and lakes. A range of hills cuts through the continent from southwest to north, roughly dividing it into a third and a two-thirds section; rivers reverse their flow when crossing the hill range. Cities are scattered across Western Saibh, though they are significantly spaced apart; a relic of their history as former small kingdoms and nations unified by Etoile. A large interior sea spans a roughly eighty mile width and is slightly east of the center of the western continent.   Eastern Saibh is a mountain range that varies in height, turning into an archipelago for much of its run. The main trunk of Eastern Saibh generally traverses an eastward to south arc, a long chain of mountains and coastal plains that turns into mountainous islands with treacherous reefs roughly fifteen hundred miles out from the Capital. The island chain continues onward all the way to an ice cap in the deep south, well south of the southern terminus of West Saibh. The islands branch off, however; one branch of island chain runs back to Western Saibh and rises back out of the water, forming another long range of mountains and coastal plains that ends abruptly roughly sixty miles away from the southeastern shores of Western Saibh. This forms an enclosure around the Bui Sea, with the Feryll Sea being the ocean outside this enclosure. Other chains of islands spread out even farther east and north off the main trunk. All of these islands vary in size, from tiny rock outcroppings to large islands tens or hundreds of miles in length or width.

Fauna & Flora

Western Saibh is a large, mostly temperate land, with a tropical rainforest crossing its lower section and a desert along the southern coast; the long span of civilization in Western Saibh has extirpated most dangerous flora and fauna. In contrast, Eastern Saibh's relative difficulty of travel has preserved the megafauna there - rocs nest in the mountains while armored chargers wander the coastal plains. The relative exotic quality of Eastern Saibh makes it a frequent destination for explorers and adventurers.

Natural Resources

Western Saibh has a bounty of natural wealth and resources under active exploitation by the Principality of Etoile, and serve as the bedrock for its economic progress. Eastern Saibh by contrast is relatively thinly populated and considered to be resource-poor, due to the lack of strong flowing rivers for Power generation.

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