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The tip of the spear drew an intricate pattern on the ground. Eila cartwheeled across the ground, dodging the thrusts from the other warrior, her spear somehow managing to stay at the same angle off the ground as she danced and pirouetted.
And up - Eila had caught the enemy spear against her own and with a yank she had disarmed her opponent, the other spear sent flying into the air. She tumbled backwards and threw her spear into the air, and with a *crack* the other spear's haft was broken cleanly in two. The crowd erupted in hoots and clapping; the two warriors gave a deep bow in front of the audience.
As the watchers dispersed, Eila walked up to a man in a bright blue cloak. Alistair sighed and held out a ten florin note; Eila snatched it with a gleeful noise.
"And next time you tell me about your spearwork, the demonstration cost doubles!"
"Exactly how was I supposed to know you were a spear dancer?" The wizard rubbed his hands. "It's not exactly fair of you to compare what you just did to my stint in the militia."


Major language groups and dialects

The original language of Askri is now only spoken by the oldest of their village and clan elders. All Askrians are entitled to a Principality education and all are fully literate in Etoilean.

Shared customary codes and values

Askri has been a Principality District for over a century, but the Askrian people continue to hold specific customs unique to their original nation. Foremost is their very strong belief in community; although they do not specifically believe in communal property, they are open-handed with assistance to other Askri and will provide for the welfare of those worst off. Traditionally minded Askri feel nearly obligated to provide assistance to other Askri in need.   Second, an unusual emphasis on rituals of thankfulness; Askrians that have received some sort of boon will typically offer thanks to some sort of deity for its benevolence. "Deity" is the best way to phrase it, as it's difficult to describe - Askrians do not believe in the divinity of what they offer to, but do believe that it was partially responsible for their gift, making it akin more to a spirit of luck than anything else.

Average technological level

Askrian settlements are at the same technological level as the rest of the Principality, with Power-Wagons being a common sight in the District.

Common Etiquette rules

It is common in Askri to give thanks after each meal - to what is unimportant, but merely the act of doing so.

Common Dress code

Befitting the heat and humidity of their home province, Askrians dress in colorful cotton garb that fits lightly and loosely on the body, allowing as much air as possible to flow on the skin.

Art & Architecture

The most significant art of the Askrian people is their ritual dance, handed down since antiquity; Askrian spear-dancer shows are always in demand and often perform to large crowds. Askrian weaving is also fashionable; attempts have been made to replicate the patterning with an autoweaver but have not been successful, so handwoven Askrian textiles command a premium in the markets.

Common Taboos

Although Askrians will gladly perform their dances for non-Askri peoples, it is absolutely forbidden to teach non-Askri any of the dances as a participant. This taboo creates significant difficulty when an Askrian wants to wed an outsider. Askri also take quite poorly to other Etoileans considering them a 'tribal' society, or mistaking their continuation of their cultural traditions as being backwards.


Beauty Ideals

Askrians are historically a martial people, and the height of beauty of Askri has always been functional - size for leverage, strength for power, and a slenderness of form for speed and flexibility. The greatest beauties of Askri are those that can dance with spear, axe, and staff perfectly.

Gender Ideals

Male Askrians are expected to be ferocious in conflict but quiet and considered when at rest. Askrians frown upon men who are too loud or boisterous, as it implies a lack of seriousness or diligence. Female Askrians conversely are always loud and boisterous; the ideal Askrian woman is fearless in battle and in conversation.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship begins with the spear dance; all spear dances require two participants, and Askrians looking for courtship will train the spear dance with their erstwhile partner. This applies to both the martial Askrians and those that are sedentary; the importance is in the effort, not necessarily the actual execution of the dance. The flow of the spear dance indicates compatibility; that of the staff dance indicates longevity, and that of the axe indicates trust. The completion of all three dances to the satisfaction of both parties is generally the sign of a marriage proposal.

Relationship Ideals

Popular misconception of Askrians paints a caricature of the loud boorish woman with the henpecked and stoic man, but in truth Askrian relationships are no different than that of other Etoileans, if more physical than most.

Major organizations

The District Commander of Askri is nearly always an Askrian themselves, so local traditions are encouraged to flourish. An Askri Council maintains an unofficial authority in the District, looking out specifically for the interests of the Askri people.
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