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The Cradle

Lily sucked in her breath at the sight. "I didn't think places like this still existed."
"Mostly they don't." Kyris pulled a vine over her head and stepped out from under the trees. "The source of the Grand Waters."
The two women stood at the edge of a small cliff, admiring a colossal waterfall. It was in truth not one waterfall, but several; a massive roaring cascade, tumbling down multiple levels, surrounded by unbroken jungle. Even in the rain, the falls held a great majesty, the spray of the water leaping high into the air above the plunge lake.
"Are those tapirs? I've only ever seen pictures in books." Small pig-like animals were digging in the lake shore. A bird landed on one, causing it to bolt into the water.
"This entire place is supposed to only be in books." Kyris had a small spyglass out and was peering through it. "The Origin Question refers to the 'Cradle of the World', and this is the only place I could think of that fit the description."
"Why isn't this place more well known?" Lily picked up a rock and threw it as far as she could; it landed unheard over the din of the waterfall. "This seems like the perfect place to build a Power station."
"Too high up, too far inland, too much jungle to clear?" The ranger closed her spyglass. "It doesn't matter. Just be glad its still the way it is and not like Patino. We need to go down the cliff and under the falls."


The Cradle is a massive waterfall in a rainforest high in the mountains in Eastern Saibh, accessible only by game trail in the eastern range. It's remoteness from the Principality and inaccessibility make many wonder whether it's more myth than reality, as it shows up on no Cartographer chart.   From the Capital City, one must take a power-sail through the Bui Sea roughly two weeks along the lower coast, and when the land curves southward, cross the mountains and head north overland on foot for another week. From there, the Cradle can be found by identifying a river called the Grand Waters and following it to its source.

Fauna & Flora

The jungle is in full effect in and around the Cradle, and all the dangers of the jungle are present here - massive pot-flowers that will drown and eat prey, tree-stalkers, and vicious flesh-eating fish. The trees run dense and the undergrowth teems with animals and insects of all types.

Natural Resources

As an uncharted and relatively unexplored area, the Cradle is overflowing with unexploited natural resources; deposits of precious metals, rainforest hardwoods, and rare compounds are scattered throughout. The difficulty of transport inhibits any attempts to extract the resources here.
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