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Wizard's Cold Comestibles

"People got on just fine before ice treats, you know." Alistair put his head down on the counter. This was a hotter summer than usual, and he was stuck here working the stall.   "Don't complain. Would you rather be doing this or writing endless incident reports?" The other woman in the stall poked him with a fingernail. Rigana's frown turned into a bright smile as she looked out the window. "Got a kid coming. Hi! Welcome to Wizard's Comestibles, what can I get for you today?"   "One ice slush please!" The boy held out a 2F note.   "Apple flavor or strawberry?"   "Strawberry please!" Rigana plucked the note from the boy's hand before pouring some pressed strawberry pulp and some sugar into a cup of water. With one hand she quickly stirred the cup, and with the other, she wrapped her hand around the cup and began to focus. Magical energy transfer was one of the first concepts any mage learned, and was the essence of sparking flame or projecting light. The liquid in the cup began to move more slowly before turning into a semi-frozen slurry.   "Here you go! Enjoy your strawberry slush." She handed the drink to the boy.   "Thank you wizard-ma'am!" The boy gave a cheer and ran off. Rigana turned to Alistair.   "See, wasn't so hard."   "'Wizard-ma'am'? Should I start calling you that now?" Alistair stood.   "So droll, and you're admitting you're a ten year old. Next customer, you're up." A girl was approaching the counter.   "Could I get an apple ice slush?"   Alistair poured the mix together and held up a hand. "Behold my magecraft!" Circling orbs of fire snapped into existence, orbiting the magus's fist. He snapped his fingers and the orbs shot into the air before bursting into gouts of cinder. The magus clapped his hands together and began to focus; a sheen of frost appeared on his fingers, and the air around the magus grew still and cold. With a grand gesture, the magus cast his hand at the cup in front of him, and the cup frosted over immediately, enshrouded by a cold mist. He picked the cup up and handed it over the counter.   "That'll be 2.50F, please."   The girl was bug-eyed. "That was so coooool! Do it again!"   Rigana laughed. "I thought you hated this job."

Purpose / Function

The Wizard's Cold Comestibles stand is a snack stall open in the second season on the beach at the Vandal Shore, the southern beach of the Etoile Capital City, west of the Grand Canal. The Wizard's Association opened the stall both as a way to publicize a popular and harmless image of magic (being used to cool down summer treats) as well as semi-official punishment for association members. Wizards who have been found to have stepped out of line but not deserving of official censure may be given 'volunteer' duty at the stand, cooling and selling snacks to kids.


The stand is a simple wooden beachfront shack. built to be easily disassembled and reassembled for the second season.


Magical heat transfer opened an entire new potential area of demand for cooled products, as no other convenient way of cooling existed other than the rare and expensive harvesting of natural ice from the southern icecap. As such, wizards are in fairly high demand to serve in food preparation, chilling drinks and making ice and frost. If a wizard cannot find employment otherwise, the relatively menial job of cooler is always a standby.   The Wizard's Association capitalized on this by opening a slushie stand on the beach in the second seasons, starting in 721.
Parent Location

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